Commercial Services:
• Commercial "As-Built" surveys/ BOMA Lease Outline Diagrams
Architectural Drafting has been doing “As-built” surveys and Lease Outline Diagrams (LOD’s) for over 20 years. Laser measured, ADS takes years of experience into the field to create accurate and consistent drawings to meet our client’s requirements. BOMA or WDCAR Lease Outline Diagrams and calcs are just some of the commercial/retail services we can provide. Call us to discuss any of your drawing and survey needs.
• Drafting Services
Architectural Drafting offers complete drafting and revision services for the commercial and residential market. Consider ADS for your commercial clients with specific protocol needs. ADS has the experience with commercial layering and formatting for all of your national and retail clients. ADS can supply the needed additional manpower without the need for additional hires. Firms requiring “permit ready” drawings can rely on ADS to supply concise detailed drawings that will meet all of the current IBC/ICC code requirements.  From “As-Built” surveys, job site meetings, CAD drawings, Lease Outline Diagrams, and design services, ADS can meet all of your drafting and architectural needs.


Commercial referral firms that currently use Architectural Drafting Service:
• PGA Architects
• Coakley & Williams Construction
• Shinberg/ Levinas Architects
• Carr Properties
• Banta-Campbell Architects
• Summit Engineering

For referral contact information please call us direct 301.949.6477 or email (
CAD, Drafting, Design and As-Built Services
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